Indy Black is a top tattoo artist from Beauty Mark, an in demand and renowned, female run parlour.

After growing up as the “odd one” and feeling like she never belonged anywhere, she’s finally found her home and place in the world and couldn’t be happier.

That is, until a drunk and disorderly figure turns up on the doorstep after closing and let’s himself in.

Zac Miller is the lead guitarist for the popular punk-rock band Manic Mayhem, and currently on a world tour. He wears his heart on his sleeve and comes to Indy’s shop in a state after finding out his fiancée has cheated on him in the worst way possible.

Zac has been Indy’s celebrity crush since she was fifteen and now he’s in her shop.

He’s a total mess and begging for her help… What’s a girl to do?

Their moment is fleeting and caused by heartbreak.

Nothing real and lasting can come from it. Can it?

Indy Part 2

Indy faced her fears and accepted Zac’s proposal, leaving behind the security of everything she’s ever known as her life to be a part of his.

Welcome to Hollywood, the city of dreams…

Zac only wants to make Indy happy and keep her by his side, but that’s hard to do with a career in the limelight where everyone wants a piece of him. A career which also puts thousands of miles or more between them when the band is constantly on tour.

Will Indy find the grounding she needs to not only survive but thrive in a city of excess, where her every move is captured to be shared with the world and scrutinized alongside a narrative of lies and gossip that is out of her control?

Can their whirlwind romance survive the test of time in the blinding spotlight and the distance between them?

Or will their marriage be short lived and dissolve under the pressure and harsh reality of being married to a world-renowned and beloved rock star?